Heron Queen Hot-RO water Purifier Five stage Filtration


  • Product Type
    Water Purifier
  • Filtration Stage
  • Hot Water
  • Normal Water
  • Dimension
    20X43X57 cm
  • Technology
    Reverse Osmosis - Digital display
  • Origin
  • Membrane Technology
  • Water Quality:
    100% purified safe drinking water as per BSTI and WHO’s standard
    Support and Service *:
    Make your payment after successful installation
    Inside Dhaka: Delivery & Installation charge Free
    Outside Dhaka: Delivery & Installation charge 1000 taka
    One year full guarantee including spare parts
    Free service every three months including filters within guarantee period
    Why buy from us
    We ensure genuine products, genuine spare parts and genuine price which is affordable by wide customers
    On time delivery and strong customer’s support
    price:23,500 TaKa


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